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Jaco Costa Rica Zip-line Tour

Costa Rica Canopy Tours

Jaco Costa Rica Canopy Tour

costa rica jaco Adventure canopy tour

Adventure on the tree top of Jaco Beach Forest

Slide a top of the tree to another suspended by cables! Jaco This canopy tour is fun and safe for all ages. This canopy tour is located on approximately 222 acres of land and 50% of this transition is that the forest is a mix of North Pacific dry forest and rainforest in the South Pacific.

Jaco Beach Canopy Adventure Tour  Costa Rica 

This Central pacific site has Several really good Zip Lining tours that will ensure you get an unforgettable zip line Adventure.

Enjoy stunning views of Jaco Bay from the top of the mountain rainforest cover while you glide through the canopy of treetops.

The best zip lining adventures,  for those seeking for extreme Tours we have Vacations Packages. Our Packages offeres more than one alternative for hanging tours troughtout Costa Rica.

Zip Lines and Canopy Tours Companies are full equiped and certified knowledgeable guides , making sure your trip is safe, fun and unforgettable! 12 cables, 14 platforms and 2 miles of cable.

Tropical fruits and water in the Conclusion of the tour. Generally Transportation may be included for small fee.

Time: 8:am 9:am 1:pm 2:pm
What to Bring: walking shoes, insect repellent.
Includes: Transportation, tropical fruits and water
Price: $75 

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Mangrove Kayak or Monkey Boat Tours

Parrita Costa Rica MonkeysCome and enjoy one of the best tours in Costa Rica, paddle comfortably as an intimate group under the shade of various species of large mangroves, which grow only in certain regions of the world and in Costa Rica Shows sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree tops, night silly anteaters, several types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the mangroves, and listen to songs of different sea birds as they glide over your kayak adventure quest with curiosity. Enjoy fresh fruits and snacks in the region, and finally a delicious sandwich and well worth it.

Price &75      Monkey Boat Tours

Arenal Volcano Day Tour

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna de San Carlos, remains inactive until July 29, 1968, when an earthquake shook the region, and 12 hours later Arenal blew. Arenal Volcano costa ricaIf you have never seen an active volcano; Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica made a spectacular first. The Arenal volcano 1633m stands majestically in the lush pastures and forests in the east of Lake Arenal. Intermittent explosions draw people by day and night, but the night is the best time to see the red-hot molten lava cone surrounding the summit. Even when covered, rumors, ventilation and hot lava through the merger of clouds provides a very special experience. You can also enjoy the hot springs of Arenal, where you can also see the  volcano.

Price $ 135    Arenal Volcano Tour

Rain Forest Arial Tramp

full-aerial-tram-caribbeanA cable car is a type of vessel on which a cabin is suspended from a cable and is pulled by another cable.Gondola Cable differ in that the latter use several smaller cabins suspended from a cord wound movement. This tour Rain-Forest Aerial Tram begins with an oral explanation and documented visual media in the field of bio-diversity will visit and experience. Then mount shelves where we share the air with other flying creatures this leafy canopy.

Price $75        Rain Forest Arial Tramp Tour

Jaco Beach Canopy Tours



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