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Jaco Beach Adventure Tours top Costa Rica Tours Activities

Costa Rica is a great destination for active travelers, offering a variety of extreme sports and adventure activities in a small territory. Be what your taste in entertainment, Costa Rica has something for you. National parks, for example, are the theater of countless activities for adrenaline junkies and quietest hikers who prefer to enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful scenery.


  • Surf – Famous worldwide as one of the main destinations for water sports due to its constant waves all year round, Costa Rica also offers a colorful party atmosphere.
  • Fishing – You will be able to catch three fish trophy – shad, sailing and guapote fish – in a day, starting their journey on the Atlantic coast and ending in the Pacific.
  • Snorkel – Life of beautiful coral reefs are perfect for this activity. In the waters remain warm throughout the year, you can see the true meaning of “tropical tuba”
  • Local Tours & Activities others adventures can be pick you up in Jaco Beach!!

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Some of the best outdoor activities in Costa Rica

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Tortug Island Day TourTortuga Island Cruise Day Trip

A beautiful island in the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica, Tortuga Island is one of the most visited places in the entire country. A little more than 3 square kilometers, the coast offers some mild. Most sought after places for diving, swimming and generally relaxing on the beach, is a must for anyone looking for a perfect tropical island vacation…

Price $ 125  Tortuga Island Tour

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Visting Manuel AntonioVisiting Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular parks in the country, due to its unique combination of beaches and forest trails. The diversity of wildlife, including monkeys, iguanas and sloths are just some of the attractions of the National Park, along the white sandy beaches and blue waters of this Pacific paradise. Enjoy a guided walk through the park’s trails..

Price $ 99  Manuel Antonio National Park

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Surf Lessons Jaco BeachSurf Lessons & Day Tours

Our experienced instructors specialized in beginner surf, guiding you through the steps necessary to complete the first experience of Surfing. Memorable secession. If you decide to practice your surfing skills on your own, we will be happy to arrange rental for you…

Price $ 55  Jaco Beach Surf Lessons

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Jaco Beach Canopy Adventu TourCosta Rica Adventure Canopy Tours

Yes, the zip line! These exciting excursions can be considered as the extacy of life when you go through the primary forest in a system of cables and platforms. You climb to the top for a view like the bird, and then experienced the thrill when you drag quickly between each platform, led by experienced guides who put their safety first.

Price $ 75  Canopy Adventure Tour

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Bird WatchingCosta Rica Birds Watching Expeditions

Costa Rica has approximately 880 species of birds, the range of colors of its plumage and birdsong and countless amazing make.. our country are admired by thousands of tourists. Costa Rica is a small country with only 51.500 K2 but I speak of nature is a paradise. Recently, Costa Rica has become a destination for bird lovers. Taking our birding tower you can see more than 50 species. If you are an experienced birder will see about 100 species. And our record on a day when the river is 164 species.

Price $ 75  Bird Watching

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White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting Adventure

This day trip for families adventure is an adventure unique rafting river with many “advantages”. Of course, you can expect, as the Manuel Antonio specialist that our world-class, trained, bilingual guides and safety kayak experts will guide and teach you how to navigate through this exciting river experience. But you and your group of fellow rafters start slowly and build your way to an unforgettable adventure is still manageable that will leave you either begging for more.

Price from $80  Water Rafting

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Bird Waching Jaco Beach Costa RicaExcursion to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all Costa Rica and then spend the afternoon at the famous Tabacon Hot Springs!

The underground river flows through the Tabacon magma deep below the Arenal Volcano. As the river passes through the magma, the water absorbs minerals and natural chemicals. natural hot springs such as this provide many advantages of various chemical, physical and biological products, the most notable is relaxing tense and tired muscles and refresh the skin and open the pores.

Price $ 135 Arenal Volcano

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Top Costa Rica Tours 

Central Pacific with all imaginable activities Sport fishing, ziplining, surfing,diving,  hiking, rafting,  cycling. With the central location of Jaco, it is the ideal base for exploring the best excursions and adventures in Costa Rica.
Vacationing can be expensive, but one of the biggest parts of visiting Costa Rica is enjoying the natural beauty and free attractions. Here are some of our favorite activities and attractions on a budget.

About Jaco and Central Pacific Activities

Central Pacific remains one of the most popular destinations for holidays and retirement. Jaco, Herradura, Esterillos, Punta Leona, Hermosa all offer something for everyone. While Jaco is central to everything, the whole region is characterized by world class sport fishing and surfing, golf, beaches and countless trips and activities. Here are some brief summaries of different fields.

Jaco Beach is really the center of the central Pacific. Located just over an hour from San Jose, it offers many services for everyday life. Banks, supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, even a movie theater and performing arts theater. Jaco has the largest selection to choose areas for hotels and vacations, including a number of alternatives to the direct sea. Due to the infrastructure, services and the central location of their common Jaco Jaco tourists who make their base of operations as they explore and travel the rest of the central Pacific.
Hermosa is just a couple of miles south of Playa Jaco. Hermosa Beach has a rustic charm and is a favorite for serious surfers, as the waves year are considered one of the best in Central America.
Esterillos is only 20-30 minutes drive south of Jaco. A little retired, but still find some Botique hotels and restaurants in the area. Esterillos area also has excellent surfing, and some of the best beaches in the region.

Herradura, located a few miles north of Jaco, is home to Los Suenos Resort. The draw for this region is naturally dreams, but also to others such as proximity to both Jaco and the golf course and marina. Punta Leona is still one of the oldest families developments mainly Costa Rica. recent construction is limited in the region, but the beautiful Punta Leona beaches are fantastic for those who live in detail. Just 20 minutes south of Jaco.

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