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Welcome to Jaco Beach Costa Rica – a world famous Central American vacation destination like no other. Playa Jaco and its stunning black sand beaches has an unparalleled reputation as one of the premier vacation destinations in all of Central America – and with good reason. Jaco Beach boasts a myriad of recreational allures for the seasoned traveler – but above all its location is arguably its greatest asset.

Jaco Beach has been home to two world surf games one was in August of 2009 and the other one in August 2016

Located just a short drive from Costa Rica’s main airport in San Jose, Jaco is the beach in closest proximity to Costa Rica’s capital city, and draws not only throngs of local vacationing Costa Ricans or “Ticos”, but also a sizeable portion of Costa Rica’s 1 million plus international visitors every year.

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Jaco Beach Costa Rica – A Tropical Vacation Paradise

Getting to Jaco Beach has never been easier as the Costa Rican government has invested heavily in infrastructure to support the Jaco area, and recently completed construction of a brand new modern highway leading directly from San Jose to Jaco.

The Caldera highway opened in 2010 and has drastically shortened travel time between the capital city and Jaco beach, subsequently giving Jaco all the feel of a modern day “boom town”. There is certainly a buzz in the air that the long awaited completion of this new highway will fuel the fires of additional growth and worldwide interest in this already thriving vacation destination.

Jaco Beach is uniquely positioned for major expansion over the coming years, and the excitement in the air is palatable. Travelling the Caldera Highway is an easy process, and there are several fast and affordable options that will get the job done.

Visiting Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Should you choose to grab a rental car at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose and make the 90 minute drive yourself, about 30 minutes outside of Jaco you will pass through a town called Taracoles – and over the famous Tarcoles Crocodiles Bridge. Make sure to stop and take some photos, at the very least they will make great fodder for your facebook page.

The Costa Rica Crocodile Tour is highly recommended. If you don’t feel like driving yourself, no worries, as the San Jose airport is always jam packed with Taxi drivers eager to cash in on a fare to Jaco. The ride will run you between 80 and 100 USD one way and allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery on the winding drive through mountains and rain forest on your way to the beach. Alternately there is also several shuttle bus services that runs between the San Jose airport and Jaco Beach)

Costa Rica, Jaco BeachLocating accommodations and Jaco Vacation Rentals  is not a problem, as you will find a variety of Jaco Beach Hotels and resorts to choose from. Stay on the ocean, on the strip or in the rain forest – it’s up to you. Rental options range everywhere from high end luxury Jaco Beach condos to budget Cabinas and everything in between.

Once you are settled in, and have made your way out into the streets of Jaco, you will immediately notice this bustling beach town has a trademark feel all of its own. Hippies and surfers walk shoulder to shoulder with families, eco tourists, backpackers and international businessmen. Ramshackle beach bars are backed up by multi-million dollar oceanfront resorts; street vendors sell empanadas next to five star restaurants.

There is high end shopping and locally crafted goods, dollar beers at an old wooden beachfront bars and fancy Daiquiris dacqaries at high end restaurants and clubs. You may also notice a subtle “Americanized” element blended softly into Jaco’s authentic Costa Rican atmosphere, as noted with the presence of such United States standards such as Subway, KFC and Budget Rent a Car.

In Jaco Beach it’s easy to lose track of time – but it’s advisable to not spend your entire vacation sipping Pina Colada’s on the beach and shopping, as an incredible diversity of amazing excursions and Jaco Beach activities await. Sample some of Costa Rica’s ecological riches during a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park, the Carara biological reserve, Tortuga Island or the Damas Island Estuary. If you are itching for a little more adventure, rain forest canopy tours, dolphin, crocodile or whale watching trips might be your cup of tea.

From incredible sport fishing to zip lining and hiking, kayaking, golf and horseback riding – whatever your Costa Rican vacation vice, Jaco Beach has your fix. Jaco Beach Surfing is another major draw for this recreational paradise.Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach and nearby Hermosa Beach have hosted numerous international surfing championships and the entire Jaco costal area and its surrounding towns often frequented by professional surfers from around the globe. Jaco Beach is also home to some first class surf instructors, so if you want to learn from the best – catch a lesson or two while you are in town.  More tours..? Visit Cuchi Transfers..

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